Since 1997

Holpe Brand, originated in 1997, is a top integrated service provider and platform operator providing mobiles smart linking vertical supplier chain.  In 2016, Holpe completed its capital construction and became the sole chain enterprise engaging in mobiles Internet terminal products and services listed in the main board market in China. It is a group enterprise integrating capital, technology and management, and one of China top-500 service companies.

Holpe owns the business sectors of business management, smart link technology, game & animation, investment management and so on. It operates mobiles smart linking terminal products to provide new generation of scenarized smart home solutions. Sales channels include online e-commerce sales, physical chain store sales and agency distribution, involving its own e-commerce platform, online store, and chain stores and other store formats. Up to now, Holpe has set up branches and subsidiaries in more than 20 provinces (municipalities) and special administrative regions in East China, Central China, South China, Southwest China, and Hong Kong, covering nearly 1,000 associated outlets. Currently Holpe has nearly 5,000 employees and has assets of more than 10 billion Yuan.

Holpe lays emphasis on brand building. After the pursuit and insistence of quality for more than 20 years, Holpe has become one of the most well-known integrated service enterprises in the field of mobiles Internet terminals in the industry, and it has established a firm and close cooperation relationship with the enterprises of the upstream and downstream in the industry chain.  These include: the deep strategic partnership with China Telecom, China mobiles and China Unicom; the strategic alliance relationship with Huawei,, Xiaomi and Lenovo, and other manufacturers. In addition, Holpe owns many other leading resources in the aspect of operator resales business including virtual operator license.

Holpe adheres to the "customer-centric, Wolf's Head-based" core values, always advocates and upholds quality, pursuit of excellence, innovation, continuous improvement.  During its development over 20 years, Holpe has been constantly improving its industrial ecological layout, strengthening its own capabilities, and outputting service technology based on its deep understanding on and accumulation of the world's mobiles smart-linking industry and over its strategic framework of "omni-channel + supply chain", to create a "China's leading mobiles smart linking vertical supplier chain ecological platform, so as to achieve the construction of a 100 billion platform in three to five years, thus in order to build Holpe into a mobiles Internet enterprise with "the pride of the employees, the trust of customers, the prosperity of the enterprise and the respect of the society".

Always Superior Quality