Game and Animation

Game & animation as an important part of Holpe industrial layout, Holpe invested and established Shenzhen Ingcle Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 2012, which is an important R&D brand of Holpe in the development of entertainment business in recent years. Surrounding the core business including game development, application R&D, game release, a number of products such as knock-out product "Ingcle Telephones", the popular mobiles game "Pokemon Alliance", "Gods Chaos Faction", "Sword Dance of Wind" and so on have been launched into the market and have achieved gratifying results. With the years of accumulated experience and resources, this sector of Holpe has obtained a number of certificate accreditation by authoritative authorities, intellectual property and honors. In the future, based on its powerful operation management and R&D capabilities, Holpe will further break down a number of market segments to form a pan-entertainment business matrix of games, animation and games, and to provide users with more fresh, richer, perfect game animation experience.

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