Holpe Attracting Much Attention at ICESS 2017 in South Africa


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On November 23, local time, the three-day 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show South Africa (ICEES 2017) was grandly opened in the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. Holpe overseas business team participated in this exhibition. They provided a wonderful presentation about the features and advantages of the mobiles smart terminal products and the excellent smart experience.

According to the organizer, this is the only one professional consumer electronics exhibition in South Africa till now. It covers many fields including mobiles life, robotics equipment and smart home. Hundreds of well-known enterprises and merchants from many countries and regions gather together to enjoy the high-tech products and explore business innovation model, cutting-edge technology applications and new modes of retail development in the future.

Smart Retail Model Attracting Attention

  In order to allow partners, equipment manufacturers and consumers to fully experience the high-end products and excellent services of Holpe, Holpe accurately simulate the sales scenario of offline store at the site. Through the detailed demonstration of the Group's high-end custom products, visitors are presented with a corporate image owning rich peripheral products, a wide range of retail outlets, and valuing consumer experience. Meanwhile, it also highlights the professional brand positioning and excellent service Holpe Group.

During the exhibition, the relevant person in charge of Holpe introduced the development history and strategic goals of Holpe to the exhibitors and demonstrated the advanced and high-end products of Holpe. Many visitors are very interested in the products and operation mode of Holpe Group. Especially with the support and recommendation of Shenzhen Go-Global Strategic Alliance, it attracted many exhibition guests, businessmen and manufacturers to the booth to experience, consult and negotiate.

Brand Concept of Holpe - Always Good Quality

South Africa ICEEI 2017 is a benchmark in the consumer electronics industry of the emerging market. Chinese companies are gradually moving from behind the scene to the stage. This includes Holpe Group. In line with the guideline of "One Belt and One Road" of the country, Holpe has been continuously improving itself on its high-quality goods, excellent service and smart stores. Now, Holpe is getting stronger become more and more popular in the majority of users. On this exhibition, Holpe Group not only fully demonstrated its advantages in the field of retail service and operation mode, but also presented its forward-looking global strategic layout. It is bound to create a mobiles smart terminal vertical supply chain ecological platform and construct a 100-billion scale mobiles smart ecosphere.

Today's retail business is moving toward the direction of intelligence and experiencing. Holpe Group will follow the trend of market development, adhere to the brand concept "Always Good Quality", and fulfill the commitment "Time Witnesses Value", so as to offer users a superior, enjoyable and smart life experience and help to increase the development of physical retail business and create values for the society with our outstanding operation idea.

Twenty years of cultivation and hard work - always making every effort

Not afraid of the cruel competition of the industry, no fear of elite collision, showing the confidence of Holpe in the operation mode and the persistence to fighting spirit.

Holpe has been engaged in the mobiles phones retail industry for more than 20 years, focusing on providing high-end products and excellent services. While constantly enhancing its strengthen, Holpe is coupled with the most advantageous resources for creating more opportunities for channel docking and help the brand develop into a bigger, stronger and healthier platform.  Through thousands of online and offline retail stores, Holpe has been bringing the vast number of users the most pleasing consumer experience and purchasing pleasure, possessing an indispensable and important position in the mobiles phones retail channels in domestic.

Holpe will be down to earth and work steadily to further expand this kind of advantages and bring consumers with more convenient and quality services.